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Ford Maverick Dash Mount

Ford Maverick Dash Mount

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Version & FITS Kits
• ASA Plastic; High Impact Strength, High Temp Resistance (200F)
• Over 500 Sold!
• Perfect snap install with no wiggle (Ford Maverick 2021+)
• Mounts "Vent Clip" Style phone mounts.
• Mounts FITS Receivers and FITS anchors.
• Mounts USB Charging devices and switches.
• Easy Removal, no scratch, no wear.

The Ford Maverick Dash Mount Cubby Insert snaps into the dash cubby. It then can be used with "Vent Clip" style phone mounts, giving a dual-monitor setup that works great with CarPlay & Android Auto especially for GPS. Some great phone mount options to buy with this (not included) are the AINOPE gravity mount, or the LISEN magnetic phone mount.
You can also purchase Dash Mount with the FITS receiver and FITS anchor Kits to mount and remove phones and other devices easily. Dash Mount accepts USB modules like ones made by MOLEX and ones that follow the 21x37mm cutout dimensions - both plates are included to install. Additional wiring and installing is needed for USB or switch kits.

Each AKRO Dash-Mount order includes:
• Dash Mount (with or without FITS receiver)
• Blank Flush-fit Plate
• Molex USB Plate: Used to mount Molex USB charging devices
• 37x21MM Plate: Used to mount Automotive switches and USB devices

Our FITS Anchor Ball Joint Kit includes:
• AKRO Fits anchor w/ Ball joint mount
• 17mm Ball
• 20mm Ball
• 25.4mm Ball
• Hardware: 18mm m5 flathead, 25mm m5 flathead, 40mm m5 flathhead, m5 nut x2, 3mm Allen Key

Our FITS Plate Kit w/ AMPS includes:
• AKRO Fits Anchor
• 4mm Plate with AMPS hole pattern
• 2mm Plate for easy trim and adhesive back mounts
• Hardware: 2x18mm m5 flathead, m5 nut x2, 3mm Allen Key

"The quality of the the mount is stellar and exceeded my expectations" -Nicholas Nickey Apr 24, 2023

"Awesome! This is the accessory you’re looking for! Perfect fit. Highly recommend." -RIO312 Apr 9, 2023

"Fit like a glove." Brandon Reyher Feb 23, 2023

Looking for the best Ford Maverick cubby insert and accessories? Look to AKRO for the ultimate solution! Our 3D-printed Ford Maverick Truck Dash-Mount is now available with or without FITS receivers, perfect for mounting phones using "vent-clip" style mounts or AKRO FITS anchors. With over 500 sold and next-day shipping available, AKRO is the top choice for Ford Maverick owners.

Our Dash-Mount is made of heat-resistant ASA plastic, ensuring it's both durable and strong. It comes with a one-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase. Dash-Mount is also designed to house USB devices and 37x21mm switches, with kits available soon, making it the ultimate Ford Maverick accessory.

At AKRO, we're always striving to improve our supply chain and warehousing efforts to keep our products in stock and ship them quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience our previous shipping delays may have caused. Thank you for choosing AKRO for all your Ford Maverick accessory needs.
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Customer Reviews

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Steven Muleski
Akro Ford Maverick cubby phone mount

Awesome! Fits perfectly. Work 100% with the recommended Anope ball phone mount. Moves the phone from the “too low” dash vent, up into the line of sight at the same height as the dash computer screen.

Whoever designed this needs a pat on the back!!

If you have a Ford Maverick, order and buy this now!

Steve in Park City, KS

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Made from high temp, high strength ASA plastic. Designed & Manufactured in CA, USA.


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