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STL Files | Ford Maverick Dash Mount | Includes FITS Kits

STL Files | Ford Maverick Dash Mount | Includes FITS Kits

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Attention: This listing is not for a physical product. Please refer to our other listings to purchase the physical product.

If you own a 3D printer, you can now print your own dash mount for the Ford Maverick truck using our optimized design that ensures hassle-free printing without the need for support structures.

This download includes the following files:

DM_BODY: Main body of the dash mount.
DM_SE: Support Enforcer for dash mount.
DM_BLANK: Blank palte.
DM_MOLEX: Molex plate.
DM_37x21: Universal switch plate.
DM_NUT: Uses a M5 nut to faster AKRO_FITS_R
AKRO_FITS_R: FITS Receiver. Uses a 25mm M5 flathead screw to secure it. Screw can be ommited with glue.
AKRO_FITS_A: FITS anchor body.
AKRO_FITS_BALL: FITS Ball joint body. Requires a 35mm M5 flathead, 18mm M5 flathead, and 2x M5 nuts.
AKRO_FITS_17: 17mm ball.
AKRO_FITS_20: 20mm ball.
AKRO_FITS_254: 1" (25.4mm) ball.
AKRO_FITS_AMPS: This plate fits AMPS devices and requires 2x 25mm M5 flathead and 2x M5 nuts.
AKRO_FITS_CUTPLATE: This plate fits adhesive mount holder and can be trimmed as needed. It requires 2x 25mm M5 flathead and 2x M5 nuts.
AKRO_CALIBRATION: This PDF provides useful tips and tricks for printing.
AKRO_LICENSE: This is a statement of reseller prevention. Please note that you cannot buy this and start selling them.

Note: The fit anchors use M5 hardware to secure and strengthen the part, so it may be best to order the physical product of these.

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Made from high temp, high strength ASA plastic. Designed & Manufactured in CA, USA.


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